Next Design Innovation Exhibition

Next Design Innovation Exhibition

Milano Design Week 2016

The fifteen projects developed by the designers who live in Lombardia along with other six prototypes created by the Catalan designers has been visible from 12th to 17th April 2016 at the Next Design Innovation Exhibition, Zona Santambrogio (Via San Vittore, 49). Organized in a 200 square meters’ space, the exhibition allowed visitors to freely explore a landscape of interactive prototypes embedding sensors and technologies.


On 13th April – from 6PM to 7PM took place the opening event of the Next Design Innovation exhibition. Main speakers at the event were: Mauro Parolini - Councillor for Economic Development of the Regione Lombardia - and Giovanni Azzone, Rector of Politecnico di Milano. Stefano Maffei, the scientific coordinator of Polifactory, introduced all the results of NEXT DESIGN INNOVATION. Joan Aregio Navarro, Secretary for Business and Competitiveness - Government of Catalonia, intervened to describe how the Next Design Innovation project has been developed in Catalonia.

Exhibition for 2016 edition

Contacts and informations:
Zona Santambrogio Design District

via San Vittore 49, Milano